USC School of Pharmacy Magazine

The Background
The USC School of Pharmacy was established in 1905 and continues to play a vital leadership role in advancing the field and educating future generations. Over a century later, it remains one of the nation’s foremost schools of pharmacy.

Client Challenge
USC Pharmacy has a story to tell; our challenge was to take the data behind it and channel it into a compelling narrative that would drive readers from cover to cover. The school asked us to find a way of utilizing key metrics to quantify its excellence in a bold and straightforward way.

Our Solution
We designed a magazine that relied on powerful visuals and eye-popping numbers to drive home a central message: USC Pharmacy continues to lead the pack. Giving life to the data by profiling some of the people behind it, we created a print piece that had the feel of an interactive display, engaging readers in the immediacy of the school’s work and exciting them about the promise of successes yet to come.

  • Concept development
  • Print design