UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Advancement Campaign

The Background
One of the nation’s premier destinations for biomedical scientists, surgeons and patients who depend upon their discoveries and clinical care, the Department of Neurosurgery at UCLA is redefining the future of brain-related medicine.

Client Challenge
Though the outcomes of its research and patient care are compelling, the department faced a daunting challenge: how best to communicate those outcomes to prospective donors in the context of a subject that is both highly technical and incredibly complex.

Our Solution
We presented the department’s achievements and ambitions in simple, straightforward language capable of connecting with and inspiring lay audiences. By addressing them as partners in making a difference, we pursued a strategy focused on emphasizing access and possibility – helping potential supporters see that, through their investment, they could play a vital role in transforming neurosurgery.

  • Concept development
  • Print design
  • Publication content
  • Brand strategy and positioning

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