University of Southern California Coffee Table Book

The Background
As it has cemented a reputation for world-class scholarship and groundbreaking research, the University of Southern California has also become renowned for its distinguished architectural footprint. Across campus, architects and builders are giving life to a magnificent vision of a school whose physical impact is as great as its academic one.

Client Challenge
Having dedicated significant resources to campus development, USC was ready to celebrate its architectural achievements. Our challenge was to produce a high-impact print publication offering an up-close view of the university’s distinctive fountains and other architectural flourishes.

Our Solution
We captured the majesty of USC’s fountains and fine architectural details in a 182-page hardbound coffee table book using stunning photography that enabled readers to project themselves into the scene. By allowing the exquisite imagery to drive the design, we created a piece that is both gorgeous and dignified – striking a balance between visual embellishment and tasteful restraint.

  • Concept development
  • Print design

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