Flintridge Preparatory School Recruitment Campaign

The Background
Flintridge Preparatory School is an elite private day school for grades seven through 12. Renowned for an approach that seeks to balance educational excellence and high quality of student life, Prep simultaneously fosters academic growth and nurtures social development, paving the way for superior achievement in college, career and beyond.

Client Challenge
As one of Southern California’s most prestigious private day schools, Prep has built a reputation for launching students on successful university, career and life paths. The challenge was broadening the school’s appeal beyond traditional audiences – expanding the universe of prospective applicants by striking the right note between elitism and accessibility. 

Our Solution
We built a recruitment message emphasizing individual accomplishment but rooting it in the context of community support. At Prep, “process” and “outcomes” are given equal weight; our strategy was to showcase the advantages of this approach, stressing the importance of both student happiness and diversity of interests and experiences to ensuring long-term success.

  • Concept development
  • Print design
  • Publication content
  • Brand strategy and positioning